So a few new things... I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled on friday the 13th (great timing) and my sister got swine flu the same week and I had to find a babysitter for gracie. Despite all of that we are doing great now. I feel so much better now that I dont have my wisdom teeth - before I had a constant headache 24/7 but now I can wake up and feel great, not like someone bashed me in the head with a hammer. I cant believe thanksgiving is next week - Grandpa Brad and Janet are coming to celebrate with us on the 26th and stay for the weekend. It will be alot of fun for the girls. We also managed to get some semi-pro pics done, Gracie did an awesome job she smilied on que and was happy to have her pic taken. The pics really did turn out great for all of us. Other than that I finally got my apt decorated and curtains hung, and it actually feels like a home now rather than a bare apt. Gracie is just getting to be such a big girl and it makes me so sad that she is growing so fast, I wish I could pause time. I especially love our morning routine, she wakes me up and we get a bottle and turn on Baby Macdonald and snuggle. She is saying mama alot now and can for the most part say yes or no to a question. Her sleeping thru the night is getting better as well - for the most part she sleeps all night. Now the next task at hand is to rid her of the binkie! 

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