Christmas this year was great! Jaylene and Gracie got everything they wanted and more. Jaylene had asked for some Aeropostle sweatshirts and a family fued game for her DS and of course a cell phone (prepaid). She didnt put the cell phone down at all christmas day. As for Gracie she got a very own play kitchen, which by the way took 3hrs to put together!!! She also got a talking broom, and a lil shopping cart which was also a very big hit. All in all it was a good christmas. However the weekend following christmas was not so good. It started with gracie puking all over her Auntie Jo and continued to puke everywhere all night long, the next day she didnt want to eat, drink, sleep she just sat in my lap and cuddled. I thought all was better that night but I was wrong because just as we got gracie to bed - Jaylene runs to the bathroom puking, then the next morning it was auntie and I's turn of puking, cold sweats, body aching hell! Thank goodness gracie was a good girl for us on monday she did very well entertaining herself. I think she knew that we were all sick. Finally tuesday evening we all were feeling better and I could finally go to work on wednesday. Thats it in a nutshell, I will post some pics as soon as I can. I think we just did video instead of pics but I'll double check - I hope everyone had a great christmas and has an even better New year!!!

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