I don't know why I blog, I cant write to save my life. When I proof read my blog I feel like I am reading something a 8yr old wrote. AAHH oh well not many people read this anyway and I mostly keep it to keep family and friends updated on how our girls are doing. Anyways, in 8 days we will be in BEAUTIFUL Colorado for vacation. I haven't been back home for just about a year and I realize just how much I miss where I call home. I miss of course my family, but I also miss the blue skies, the smell of the farm, I miss waving to people I pass because we all know each other in our small town. I miss being around people who have known me all my life as well as my family. I miss how friendly everyone out west is and how much happier people out west seem to be. So many people here seem uptight and hurried by life to the point of blunt rudeness. I miss seeing flat land!! even as unappealing that sounds but I love being able to see for miles and miles when I look in any direction. I miss going to places that my grandparents took my sister and I when we were little kids but I do love the fact that we can now take our kids to the same places and hope that those memories stick with them as they did with us. There's just so much I miss but where we are is ok too, we are able to take our kids to lots of fun places and we have many chances to make sweet memories for our kids. I know that probably here soon things will change and going "home" wont really be home anymore, it will become a place we use to know and love but wont ever be the same again. I just hope our kids will save at least a few memories of what their mommy's new as their home. Going home now is just Bittersweet, I'm ecstatic to go home and see my grandma and her house and relax but at the same time I don't want to go cause I don't want to be reminded that things wont be like this for very long and there will be a day that when we go home we wont have our grandma there to welcome us. I guess however this is part of life, death is life, and life is death. I wish I could keep all our past memories in a lil bottle and relive them from time to time. 

UUggh ok no more whinning and reminiscing. I will post some new pics of our girls and when we get back from Colorado Gracie will have her 2 yr check up, oh and Gracie's birthday is on April 25th she will be obviously two years old, I just cant believe how fast two yrs have gone by. I'm sure we will have a birthday party for 4 since we have no family in this state lolol but it will be great to watch her blow her candle out!

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